Safer Community Task Force


The purpose of the Safer Community Task Force is to study the incidence of crime, examine the current law enforcement activities, and identify strategies to engage citizens in efforts to make neighborhoods safe. The objectives include:
  • Increase awareness of the facts related to crime in Rock Island
  • Improve the level of knowledge regarding the range of law enforcement activities taking place in the city
  • Identify strategies to increase the involvement of citizens and neighborhoods in crime-fighting efforts
  • Build on the City’s strengths to improve the safety of citizens living in all neighborhoods of Rock Island


Download the Safer Community Task Force's Recommendations Report.

The City is promoting Achieve Quad Cities based on a recommendation from the Safer Communities Task Force to focus on mentoring youth. Achieve Quad Cities is a community-wide alliance designed to increase the graduation rate by 5% over ten years by connecting students to career opportunities. Mayor Dennis Pauley is asking Rock Island citizens and businesses to help local junior high students achieve by volunteering to be Career Navigators (mentors), give a classroom presentation, or host a job shadow. City employees have been involved with Achieve since it first started, over one year ago.

Rock Island Achieve Quad Cities brochure

To get involved and volunteer today, please visit or call (563) 344-0338.


Meetings are held on an as-needed basis at various locations throughout the City of Rock Island. The task force is inactive at this time.


  • Tad Birditt
  • Rev. Jay Bland
  • Andy Boswell
  • Nick Camlin
  • Pat Chapinski
  • Kim Foley-Sharp
  • Rufus Greer
  • Greg Hass
  • Connie Hayes
  • Ed Littig
  • Jessica Mayes
  • Thomas Merchie
  • Shellie Moore-Guy
  • Preston Muhammed
  • Althia Saunders
  • Lee Strohbehn
  • Kai Swanson
  • Ed Veasey
  • Jerry Wolking
  • Johnnie Woods